31 August 2006

Yet Another Blog!

There is nothing like having an army of blogs. I've even linked to the feeds of my other ones (cross linking goodness). Anyway this is a blog about my personal life. You might know me and maybe that's why you are interested in what I get up to. Maybe you're a complete stranger but like knowing what other people around the world get up to. Who am I to judge? Of course much of my life is involved in my hobbies and therefore those blogs might see more posts. Work is of no interest to anyone I expect and I'm probably not allowed to talk about it anyway so you won't read anything about that either. That pretty much leaves random witter about other stuff like err... stuff.

There might be some friend's only posts on this blog since there are often things I don't want to share with the whole world. Then again it's likely that such things I'd not tell all my friends either so I might not post it at all. This is basically me replacing my Livejournal Blog. I'll stop posting on that but I won't migrate across. Plus I have friends that I do still read the blogs of over there.