15 January 2008

Blogging For Blogging Sake

I'm a passive aggressive attention whore

Well, I haven't been very good at keeping this blog up-to-date really have I? I recently thought about posting a What I've Been Playing but then I figured Who really cares? so I didn't bother. It's not like I'm going to go back and read it to remember the good ol' days when I finished Mass Effect or such. I sometimes think I've got insightful stuff to talk about about a game but then I can never be bothered typing that rather than just play another game.

I've also thought about writing about dancing but again stating I've been really enjoying dancing at this or that event probably doesn't interest many of my few readers anyway.

Therefore I'm somewhat at a loss what to write about. In an attempt to give some focus to both myself and this blog I've considered writing development notes on my current game project. I've pondered doing this in a sort of Rolf Harris Can you tell what it is yet sort of style where I focus more on the little picture rather than the big one. I hope I actually get around to starting this, perhaps it might be interesting. Umm... to someone.

Other than that I've written a few more scripts and mods and I'm actually hoping to release a few of those this year. I've got a couple of ideas for other things I'd like to do this year and, with any luck, I'll actually get around to those too. I'm hoping that it will be an interesting if fairly infrequent posting this year so for those of you that visit the site every so often just use a feed reader already :D.

Oh and: Happy 2008 everyone!