08 November 2007


Max Payne

So with the much delayed release of the PS3 version of Stranglehold I got the Collector's Edition sent from the USA. After having some issues with the delivery company giving one of the two parcels to the wrong address (and they would have given the other one, the one with the game in to the wrong address too had it not been for the fact that the person didn't pay the customs duty tax) I got the parcel and could play the game. I've been really enjoying it, it's not the best game ever made but if you wanted the gun play from Feng Shui (or I guess HK action films which it is based on) in a computer game this seems like a good place to find it. I'm a bit disappointed with them stating the game is in 1080i on the back (though that might be the movie) as it isn't and my PS3 doesn't seem to like doing 720p correctly on the HDMI->DVI link. I'm also disappointed that the movie can't be played unless you start it in the game (though I knew you couldn't play it on a standard Blu-Ray player) mainly becuase it lacks the great controls the PS3 has. It also is the dubbed version with no other language or subtitle options.

Saying that it was still worth the wait (rather than just getting the XBox 360 version) for Hard Boiled. It's still, IMOHO, the best Hong Kong action film I've ever seen.