16 February 2007

Play Formatting Script

I figured, since I don't really have any new scripts to post, I'd link to one I documented earlier. Ages back I wanted to read a play and, as the page I created says, I didn't really like the formatting of the play I found so, being an old play, I found an XML version someone did and created an XSL document plus a bit of CSS. There was maybe more I could do with it but I was happy with this as it stood. Anyway I don't see the point in entirely cross-posting this (I already feel a bit guilty about linking to my own site) so documentation can be found here.

I was a little disappointed that I couldn't find an XML standard for plays and scripts. I imagine it would be very useful to be able to highlight a given part's lines in a play. With enough metadata you could output for speech or other formats (such as the basis of a computer game script).

My next script post thankfully won't just be a link to a script I already posted :).

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