19 May 2007

That's How To Do A Collector's Edition

Not only do you get the fine cover art on the Collector's Editor of Stranglehold (I think it is awesome anyway) but you also get Hard Boiled in HD on the same Blu-Ray disc (Stranglehold is based on the same central character as Hard Boiled). If Sony wants way to show off what their platform is capable of then this is a fine thing to push. I don't have a PS3 mind but things like this push me a little towards it (I've got an XBox 360 and it's coming out on both platforms). Furthermore the lack of regional locking on the PS3 (though maybe not on the movie) means that if it is a staggered release I can just get the US version anyway.

Anyway I have to say I like the idea it's really good use of the technology; I suppose it helps that Hard Boiled is one of my favourite films.

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