24 November 2006


I've been asked to write about some T-shirts I want for Christmas. I thought why not make a blog post about it to show the world what cool T-shirts are out there. Lets start with one T-shirt I found in the UK:

Game Over

It's not the best but it's ok.

Moving on to some VGCats (and more) T-Shirts from ZeStuff.

There's Zombie Food which I only like the original of:

Zombie Food

but is is quickly running out of stock... presumably others know of the impending zombie apocalypse. However much better is one of my favourite T-shirts which is:

Silly T-Shirt

It is silly and fantastic at the same time!

Anyway a few from ThinkGeek:


An indifferent T-shirt.

Keep Out Of Sunlight

A instructive T-shirt.

Obay Gravity

A physics T-shirt.




RPG. Because it's super-cool in a Final Fantasy geek way.

Health Bar

Finally who doesn't need a health bar. I especially like the fact that it suggests you have virtually no life.

Sorry to bore you all with a Christmas shopping list (honest people asked for it). The images are all links to the products as well, not just as a hint but also because I think it is fair on the supplier.

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laplounge said...

These shirts aren't bad. I saw that Urbane Couture is giving away punk t shirts I saw it on the urbane couture myspace page