20 June 2007

Manhunt 2 Ban


So Manhunt 2 was rejected by the BBFC. The BBFC stated that the decision was not politically based but you can't help feel that is a part of it especially with comments like to issue a certificate would involve a range of unjustifiable risks, to both adults and minors.

Frankly I wasn't interested in the game anyway, I haven't played the first one and I've no desire to play this one, but I do worry about the repercussions of bans. First game companies need to tread lightly least they are unable to sell a game in countries (which given the ever increasing cost of games is a bad thing). Secondly it strikes me that we are regressing to a state where we need to be told what is and isn't acceptable for us to read, watch or play and that doesn't rest easily with me.

I was listening to the 1up Yours podcast (I think it was mentioned a couple of weeks ago) where one of the hosts mentioned that it didn't rest easy with him the thought of his son picking up a Wii controller and gesturing the actions of killing someone with a pen. I fully get that and I don't, for one minute, think these games should be played by children but if an adult does want to play a game like that how does it really differ from watching a slasher flick like Saw?

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