02 July 2008


Maple Leaf

Well I was going to make some long post but, lets face it, that will never happen so I'll probably keep this short. I've been posting a bit of Facebook as Blogger has no idea of a friends only concept (with OpenID in place maybe it will come) but quite a bit has changed in my life and I guess that very business has kept me from posting.

I've moved to Canada last month to start work with BioWare. That time spent making demos really did pay off and I've been enjoying working there.

At this stage of the year I'd reflect that it's been three years since I took up dancing and what progress I felt I've made. Being in a new city in a new country has somewhat slowed me down. There isn't a modern jive scene here though what I've seen of hustle; it looks similar (not like there is a scene for that either). There is a small west coast swing scene which I attended an event for recently and a larger east coast swing scene which I've been getting involved in but I'm finding it a bit tough to be a beginner again (even if a lot of the technique can carry across). Still it looks like I can probably get something in every week now so that's awesome :D (not entirely since I'm going from three times a week to maybe one).

Well I might not leave three months between this and my next post. Maybe.

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ChrisL said...

Hurrah, a post that I can read without having to faff around with that Facebook thing! Keep it up!