13 July 2008

The Future of TV

HDMI Cable

It's moaning time! I went out and bought a stupidly large TV (which was quite expensive but not as expensive as our bed; so that's fine). I also bought a HDMI cable to connect my PS3 to said TV. It failed to work. The TV seems to assume it is picking up a signal and the PS3 seems to assume it is giving one but something in-between seems to stop it. Of course it could have something to do with the PS3 outputting a 576P (PAL) resolution and the TV expecting a 480P input. In any case it doesn't work. What does work (though only to 1080i :'( ) is the YPrPb Component in. So once again I'm on analog input. Given the fact I also couldn't get a HDMI->DVI cable to work probably last year so far this new era of digital goodness hasn't exactly been all that good. I'll try and borrow a HDMI cable and, possibly, a PS3 and see what's failing.

Anyway I was generally unimpressed with Sony's customer service. After them stating that the PS3 will work fine on 125V it doesn't (I've got a transformer though). They didn't mention the fact that a PAL PS3 doesn't actually have the option of choosing an NTSC output. I also tried to register a Canadian account of the Playstation Network (like they told me to) and have it reject because the email address is already in use (for my other, UK, account). So I gave up on that.

What I have been impressed with though is Metal Gear Solid 4. The polish of the cutscenes in that game are amazing. Though I don't always agree with the direction that game has taken (or even understand half of the references to the previous games) I'm enjoying the points I get to play the game (which is less than you might expect an interactive experience to have) and enjoying the many cutscenes in the game.

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