27 February 2007

Final Fantasy XII Weekend

I took some holidays over the weekend to play Final Fantasy XII, which I've been waiting to come out over here ever since it came out in the USA. It's been a lot of fun and I've enjoyed it so far. It is crazy how much it feels like a MMO without the MO though. Massive world to explorer and maybe a little too much "I need good drops" feel to it. I like the combat system, as automated as it might be, saves me from a lot of dull manual management.

I'm sure anyone who is interested has read about Sony removing hardware backwards compatibility in the PS3 for the European model. I was thinking about getting a PS3 in the slightly more distant future. White Knight looks great and there is always Final Fantasy XIII (though both these games are future developments anyway). I'm not adverse to getting a BluRay player either though I'm happy to wait until that war is won. My PS2 is getting old though and I worried it wouldn't play FFXII (which it seems to play fine) and it is having problems with God of War. I figured the PS3 might not be a bad (if expensive) upgrade path. I mean I like the virtual memory cards on it and the geek in me would love to see Linux running on it (though I can do that with a PC, and I expect with more stability too) but Backward Compatibility does matter to me. I do still sometimes play my old PlayStation and XBox games (I know they are a generation apart). Though there are probably only a few of my PS2 games I'd take up again those are the ones I'd need to read run without a glitch for me to consider a PS3. Of course the list hasn't been released yet (and it can be expanded) but The backwards compatibility is not going to be as good as in the US and Japanese models is hardly reassuring especially given the fact we are paying more than $200 more than the USA are. Less functionality at a greater price? You are on to a winner there Sony.

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