21 February 2007

Hey! This Editor Includes A Game...

I bought RoboBlitz for the editor. I finally got around to playing the game (I played the demo but never really got into it) and it turns out that I've been really enjoying it. It's a bit strange that I consider the game an added bonus but I do. Over the weekend I completed a few levels; it has a cute charm that fits the game well. It also blends puzzles with shooting well and I think it deserves more attention that it's budget price suggests.

Anyway on editors that have games note I also picked up NWN2 with intent on using it to design a module. I've have a bit of experience of the original NWN tool set. I guess I fell for newer is better so I bought this one for its toolset. I'm looking forward to trying the game though though I'm not sure how well my puny graphics card will do with it.

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