31 August 2007

Backwards Compatibility: An Update


I previously through in some of my thoughts on Backwards Compatibility, I finished God of War a while back on my PS3. Yes, I know that it seems silly that I got a PS3 basically to play upscaled versions of PS2 games on but God of War didn't work in my PS2 properly (and it's freakin' awesome). Anyway was given a 1 dot thing out of 3 dot things which basically means that it Should play on PLAYSTATION®3 with noticeable issues. If that's what 1 dot thing means then well done Sony's backward compatibility team. There were some artefacts generally at loading and a couple of times in the game but that was it. On the other hand playing Prince of Persia on the XBox 360 (which is binary in its compatibility) had it running in what looked like less than 4:3 ratio, suffering slowdown and crashing. Since my girlfriend was playing it at the time I ended up going for the (cheap) PC triple pack which also means I can play the other two as well.

We'll see whether I'll filled with rage again depending on how God of War 2 runs since I've ordered that. It's not listed on their Backwards Compatibility list but others have had some success according to the unofficial list; I'm pretty sure Sony should keep their own list up-to-date though. Ah well if it doesn't work I can always hope my PS2 fares better with the sequel than the first game.

I'm too busy playing BioShock at the moment to really care :D.

Oh and since it is vaguely related the very funny Zero Punctuation covers the console war.

Update: I've now played God of War II but, at the time of writing, it isn't listed in their backwards compatibility list. Now there are some games I have that I haven't tried but you'd think Sony would check out their new titles and add them to that list since I nearly didn't buy the game based on the fact that the fact it isn't there suggests it doesn't work. No problem yet, it seems to run beautifully.

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