05 August 2007

The Festival

Zombies on a break

People in Edinburgh are lucky in the fact that we get the festival at our doorstep every year. Of course often we are too busy moaning about tourists being everywhere to actually attend any festival events. I think actually enjoying the festival yourself is a great way to alleviate this. I've done festival events in years gone by but I'm trying to do a few more this year (though I still haven't booked them). Unfortunately the Edinburgh Interactive Festival doesn't seem to be running any public talks as it did in past years (just cheap short talk events rather than paying a fair chunk for an event I'd have to take a few days from work to go to). Though the talks they are having do look interesting and fairly diverse.

Anyway so hopes that I can attend more than three shows this year. I'm just back from seeing Famished, a Victorian zombie musical, which was fabulous from start to finish. With my girlfriend's interest in the Victorian era and my interest in zombies then it was an obvious choice and even with high expectations I came away really enjoying the show.

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