01 August 2007

WTF with Cables

Macbook Connection to HDMI

Please note: I've been recently learning all about the world of different video outputs and such. It's actually really dull and, for some reason, I've been inclined to blog about my woes as some form of cathartic release. This might be real dull reading.

So I got a HDMI to DVI connector for my Playstation 3 yesterday. I've been using component up until now but if they ever decide to use the ICT and if I want to up-scale DVDs (and my TV seems to have issues with ones not up-scaled over component) then I'll need to use a digital connection (actually with DVDs you can do it over VGA as well). So I plugged it in and set it up and noticed that the image had been shunted to the right by maybe 10cm. So you got a bit of the right hand image on the left hand side of the screen. This was very annoying. I looked around and checked out my screen settings but short of changing it to 4:3 (for a widescreen resolution, humm...) I couldn't figure out how to get 720p to fix. I tried 1080i and even 1080p where my TV will correctly downscale the image and display correctly. This would be fine by me, and, at first, testing a few things seemed to go fine. Except for the fact that Resistance: Fall of Man and Motorstorm only run at 720p so the image shift problem resurfaces when playing these games.

So unless I constantly switch back to component when I want to play these games or buy a new TV (I'm blaming my TV for this one) then I'm just giving up on the digital method and switching back to good ol' component again. Hope I don't find myself needing to watch DVDs on my PS3 any time soon.

Update: Except for the fact that my A/V system can't put both component videos into the same selection as two optical audio outputs so I can't tie my audio to my visual unless I use regular audio (and lose Dolby Digital). Arrrrrrgh!

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