06 March 2007

The End Of "The Blog Of A 'Passionate' Dancer"

Well I've had a good year and a bit with my dancing blog but, at the end of the day, I don't get much time to write in it any more. I used to record moves there but I don't tend to get time to type those up. I still love dancing but I'm not sure how many people want to know how I was ill at Southport, that I had a great time in Glasgow last week, that Tuesday night Edinburgh was alright for a change or, that I had a silly but fun end of month party which I seemed to improve my swap dancing (noticed how I subtly did an update there anyway). I'm sure I'll still talk about dancing from time to time but I've moved it to this blog. I won't bring in all the old posts and it won't be so frequent so that people who are here for other things get bored (or more bored).

I'll always tag my dance things with Dance but if you are using RSS then their is no way, currently, on Blogger to filter for a given tag in RSS.

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