03 May 2007


Photo of a camera taking a picture

I might well be suffering form some dizzy moment at the moment since I'm sure I posted about this before but I couldn't find anything so I'm just going to carry on as if I didn't have a feeling that I've posted about it before.

I thought I'd talk about the photos and images I tend to put up with each of my posts now. With the exception of a couple of posts all the images are from Flickr under a Creative Commons license. I insure that I link the image back to the source (this is also a requirement by Flickr but it also just seems polite). It's a fabulous resource and I love hunting out images to use.

I've also taken from a couple of other sources and in those cases I copy to my Picasa Web Albums and reference the source. These images are, most likely, under copyright though and I really only hope it is ok for me to use them.

I just thought I'd post about this since I've had a couple of comments about the photos I've included. I'm glad you like them.

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