29 May 2007

Poké... what?

I bought Pokémon over the weekend. It's the first time I bought into the series. It got good reviews and a random dungeon bashing grinding game seems well fitted to some mindless actions when you are on the bus or whatever. So far it seems exactly what I expected. The graphics are ok (I've seen better on the DS) and the sound is appalling (they might well have just copied the original sound files from the GBA). However what you'd think should be a casual, mass market, appeal game it seems a little lacking in features. One of the big things, for me anyway, is that you get into a battle with a Pokémon (through random encounters or trainer battles) and I've got no idea what type the other Pokémon is, what its weaknesses are or which of my Pokémon I should use. When you catch a Pokémon you get information about that creature and its types but there is no way to consultant that during the battle and that's a complete failing as far as I'm concerned (unless there is a way and I haven't found it). I can't be bothered learning the 200+ different Pokémon and what their types are, I don't have the commitment invested in the game to bother.

Still don't think this won't stop me playing it just that I'll often think oh so that bizarre circle thing was actually a bug Pokémon, silly me.

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