14 March 2007

Sony Just Making Stuff Up?

Well pretty much everyone in the gaming field talked about Sony Backward Compatibility. Sony announced (on apparently its semi-official blog) that the situation is changing every day, but on March 23, we expect the list to include over 1,000 PS2 titles (at Three Speech). That sounds okay, yes? I mean the PS2 has a lot of games but you'd hope some of the major titles were in that. Well today I was reading that European PS3s will be able to play up to 1,200 PSone and PS2 (from IGN). Now I don't want to go all 1984 on you here but we were already expecting complete backwards compatibility with PSOne games anyway and those two statements are completely different. Indeed a quick visit to MobyGames suggest that there are 1243 Playstation Games so does that mean we are getting -43 PS2 games supported? Great!

Anyway it's not a big deal. Come March the 23rd we'll find out just how many games are supported at launch (and since I'm not getting one at launch that's not really a problem for me).

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