20 March 2007

Time Consuming Activities Here We Come

How was I not aware of an online CCG player? It has DoomTown (the Deadlands CCG) of which I used to play all the time. Unfortunately the decline in the game also resulted in a decline in players. Hopefully a more global coverage should insure that there are a couple of players online. I also downloaded Mythos which I used to play in days of old (but I only owned a couple of decks of).

Interestingly now that it doesn't require me buying cards and I can have as many of a given card I want it feels weird doing deck construction. The lack of constraints or collecting is noticeable. Perhaps it is also the lack of a physical card, of looking at a name in a list rather than seeing your cards laid out in front of you and picking given actions.

Ah well, I'm certainly looking forward to some games.

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