19 January 2007


Damn it. I was, what's the word, "pissing about" last night with installing Ubuntu on my primary machine (it's my favoured choice of linux). For some reason Grub took out the MBR and died a horrible death itself. I'm not sure why, Grub was not my friend at that stage. Of course you'd think Windows would be able to write itself over the MBR. I've certainly recall, in the past, where Windows has written itself over LILO without a second thought making my poor linux partition become invisible to the world. Anyway after attempting to repair Windows manually, and then let Windows heal itself I gave up and went for a fresh reinstall. Great! Furthermore when I activate my Windows system apparently I've changed configuration to often so they denied me registration. To be fair a call to their support line and entering the details requested allowed me to activate my machine and not actually worry about the whole thing bombing out in 30 days.

So patching ahoy, installing all those programs that I need to make the system function (I haven't actually got around to programs I'd like to, you know, do stuff), two devices still driver-less and the amazing machine not turning off problem that I had ages ago which is now back. I can't remember what I did to fix it but I think it had something to do with installed drivers (*sigh*).

I can't seem to find my WinDVD disc either so I don't have DVD playback (why build that in to your OS?) but this time I'm going to give VLC a go for DVD playback. I use it for at least a bit of video streaming anyway so I might as well see how it does with DVDs.

So though I like to see the bright side of this and know it is a good chance to just not reinstall all that crap that has built up on my system for the last year and a half or so it's also annoying that Windows setup is such a pain and, more importantly, I missed dancing because of it. I remember a PVP comic about PC users staying in and fixing their PCs and Mac users getting laid... well I feel like one of those PC users except replace laid with many exciting dances and you are there.

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