25 January 2007

Please Leave Your Message After The Meep

I was, for the second time, trying out Google Talk's voice communication stuff. As the other person was setting up I tried calling her anyway and got put through to the voicemail which was very amusing as (to quote the woman's voice who does it) Please leave your message after the meep, meep. It's a really cute message and promotes the sort of playful outlook Google has.

Anyway I was really impressed by the quality of the line. The first time I tried it, with my brother, his mic didn't really seem up to the job. With a good mic the sound quality was really clear, it did a good job of excluding echo (the person I was talking to said she could hear my music and didn't get echo even though her voice was coming out of the same speakers). I've been moving over to Gajim a bit due to lots of the useful features it has but I'm hoping many of these will move into Google Talk at some stage soon.

I also liked the preview pictures on file transfers as well. It was cool and, while in the call, allowed you to talk about the pictures.

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