04 January 2007

To Do List

Ooh, happy new year and all that. If you don't use the Gregorian calendar or celebrate a pointless increment of a date then good on you. It will stop you making new years resolutions and stuff which is a good thing.

Inspired by what Dr Sordid used to do then I have taken to trying to write things to achieve this year. I'm looking for suggestions if you have any good ones. They aren't quite new year resolutions more a year ahead long term task list. OK I've resolved to do them you pedantic people.

  1. Buy a flat
  2. Rate all my music (I'm sad, I know)
  3. Learn to drive
  4. Make a NWN module
  5. Actually do some more Tango (I always seem busy at the time lessons are on)
  6. Make a computer game (well another one)
  7. Upload all those little scripts and stuff that I make but then never get around to sharing
  8. Do a part time university course

That should do for now. No where near as long or as varied as Dr Sordid but he didn't achieve most of the things on his list :D.

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