29 January 2007

Throwing Snowballs At Cthulhu

The title was stolen from the subject line of an email from, one of my players, 21reasons.

I tried running that Cthulhu Pool game that I talked about, a bit back, on Friday. I can't say it was a resounding success but I think it went OK. I used the Snowball system; a derivative of the Pool system. First I was surprised at just how unlucky my players were. The amount of times they rolled sixes and no ones was amazing. Seemed that the night wasn't going their way. However I started all their characters off with an insanity which I just treated like any other skill. Perhaps I should have changed it so victory and defeat conditions are reversed (so rolling a 1 gets a monologue of defeat) and that you must use that skill if it is applicable. I also started the characters off with memory loss which might have been a mistake. I also felt for not even a second did I actually capture the horror feel of the Cthulhu universe. But maybe that's just because I'm pants at horror.

Still I'd like to give running a Snowball game another shot, even if it isn't a Cthulhu type one. I noticed that the game I played in is available from that site. I might give a go running it at some stage. Hopefully all my potential players won't realise this and go off and read what it is about.

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ChrisL said...

Well obviously from the outset I was not in my best gaming frame of mind. Otherwise I may have come up with a character a little quicker. However beyond that I did find the format of the game a little awkward.

I found that playing scenes in reverse chronological order made it harder to roleplay my character. I knew what was going It was quite a big meta-gaming vs IC knowledge gap to bridge.