15 January 2007


I've been working on a Jabber Bot using the Smack API (I'm sure I'll talk about its purpose at a later stage) and I've been finding it really enjoyable, and easy, to use. If you are writing a Java Jabber application I'd certainly suggest considering it.

Other than that I pre-ordered my copy of Final Fantasy XII on Sunday. It wasn't my plan to, it just kinda happened. Very much looking forward to it, finally, arriving over here. One thing I find a bit strange is that there is an official European website with teasers about an official launch of the site with downloads and such. Do you think that SquareEnix don't realise that we can get all the USA pages over here and, therefore, already seem all that. I'm sure I've mentioned before that since I read predominately US sites then I follow the US hype machine. It's annoying than seeing a game heavily advertised and knowing that you won't actually be able to pick it up for another six months in your territory. By then it often feels like old news.

I also read about the woman who died trying to compete for a Wii. It seems irresponsible of a radio station to try such things knowing the health risks (I thought that of that TV series where people had to stay up for 100 hours as well). Still I'm sure Nintendo will be blamed/sued for the naming of their console.

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